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Manchurian Sika

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Manchurian Sika

Origin: East Asia
Alt. Name:
Length: A medium size deer, height to the shoulder about 38 - 40 inches
Weight: The males can weight 180 - 240 Ibs
Bred at Morani:

Manchurian Sika

The Manchurian sika deer is the larger of the sika species. They have bright reddish brown coats with eight to ten rows of bright white spots running horizontally from the shoulders to the hindquarters. A black streak of hair starts at the base of the neck and fallows the ridge of the back to the tail. The coat gets much darker in the winter and typically the deer will have relatively darker hair on the necks. The tail has a bright white underside and when the deer is alarmed the tail fluffs up creating a double half moon shape. When alarmed they sound off with a high pitched bark and bounce off very similar to a pronghorn antelope trot. The bull sports impressive antlers that are typically massive with main beam lengths averaging 26 - 30 inches. A mature male typically is a 3 x 3 or a 4 x 4 main frame. Older sika can have as many as 6 points per side and when a bull reaches this age is more commonly going to have a 4 x 5, or 5 x 6 and the bases of the antler become gnarly. Manchurian sika deer easily interbred with the sub species of sika and red deer.

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