Texas Whitetail Hunts

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Whitetail hunting at Morani River Ranch is done during the regular Texas Parks and Wildlife season which typically begins in early October with bow season and carries through to early November with gun season. The season generally ends the first week of January. A Texas general hunting license is required to hunt Whitetail Deer by both residents and non-residents. You can purchase your hunting license here or apply for your license or get more information by visiting the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

The majority of our whitetail hunting is done from elevated deer stands and ground blinds although, if you prefer to hunt on foot in an exciting “spot-and-stalk” type of format, that can be arranged. The terrain at Morani River Ranch features rugged hills and canyons of the Texas Hill Country mixed with the flora, exotic succulents and fauna of the Texas Brush Country. Steep and rocky slopes demand proper hunting equipment and a well-conditioned hunter. The shots may be long, across canyons and with demanding terrain. Hunts are as challenging as you, the hunter, choose to make them. Low fence hunting along the beautiful Nueces River is also available upon request.

Several different whitetail hunting packages are available from management deer scoring up to the 140” SCI range to the 250” super trophy range (which is our current ranch record). We have many bucks in the 170” to 200” range. Our goal is to only harvest mature deer in the five- to seven-year-old class. There will be plenty of big deer that are too young to harvest so patience and restraint are the greatest virtues to bring with you. Our guides are experts at judging the age and score of whitetails on the hoof but, as always, the ultimate decision of shoot or no-shoot belongs to the hunter.

Trophy Whitetail Hunting Rates

Whitetail hunts are package-priced hunts and include three nights and four days of hunting and meals. Additional non-hunters can be added to the package for $1,000 per person. No daily rates apply.

Download our Whitetail Trophy Hunt Information pdf for exact prices.

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