Morani River Staff

Morani River Staff

Hunters and Protectors of Wildlife and Habitat

Cole Reid - General Manager

Cole Reid - General Manager || || cole

I have played an active role in the development of the Morani River Ranch since its conception in 2001.  During my involvement with the Morani River Ranch I attended Texas A&M University and graduated cum laude with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences with an emphasis in Animal Ecology.  I have been involved in every aspect of the ranch.  My expertise includes but is not limited to: wildlife capture and chemical immobilization of exotics including several species of endangered animals such as the Arabian oryx, Dama Gazelle, Couvier’s Gazelle, and such large species as Eland, Kudu, Sable, Bongo others.  I have worked both deer and exotics through a wildlife working facility, administering both yearly vaccinations as well as doctoring animals for a wide variety of other ailments.  I have inoculated nearly 60 species via dart gun, bottle raised exotics as well as white-tailed deer, transported a wide variety of species throughout the state of Texas, and generally ensured the wellbeing of all the animals on the ranch.  In fact, my current role as operations manager is simply that: the day to day, constant care of all the species the Morani River Ranch breeds and raises. I have been in charge of all paperwork required through TPWD on whitetail, Texas Animal Health Commission on Chronic Wasting Disorder, all of our current, past, and future U.S. Fish and Wildlife permitting for our endangered species, as well as other ranch based documents accounting for an accurate accounting of the specific numbers of the individuals of the various species bred and raised by the Morani River Ranch.

I am a lifetime member of Safari Club International and the Exotic Wildlife Association, and I am a founding member of the Source Population Alliance which seeks to accumulate endangered species through a partnership between private and public sectors in order to pursue conservation activities worldwide.  Through these organizations I have taken many seminars and classes and intend to be involved more in order to preserve and conserve wild populations of various animals for eternity.  I am also proficient in the daily activities on the ranch: feeding, care of water troughs, fence checks, animal health and behavior, water system care and maintenance, construction of various structures and more.  I am also an integral part of budgetary discussions focused on running a successful business that is first and foremost dedicated to the success and proliferation of wildlife.

I am the Chief Operating Officer and Board Member of the non-profit 501 (c)(3) Stewards of Wildlife Conservation which is an organization that is dedicated to the conservation and proliferation of wildlife as well as the habitats and natural resources they utilize.  Stewards of Wildlife is home to more than 80 species from around the globe.  These animals are breeding and stable in vast areas in order to provide the most comfortable and natural living situation possible.  Stewards of Wildlife is focused on bringing together animal resources from the private landowners and the public-sector zoos in order to create “meta-populations” of species
that are vital, sustainable, and can maintain evolutionary potential.  Stewards of Wildlife is ultimately concerned about all of the flora and fauna worldwide.

  I have been dedicating my time, money, and energy to conservation projects around the world my entire life.  I have a well-rounded knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, and ecology of every animal we raise, both native and exotic, as well as a collection of other species.  My passion for this field will inevitably drive me to ever increase that knowledge.  With an overwhelming love for what I do and desire to see all species worldwide, both prolific and endangered, flourish in numbers so that sustainable herds are prevalent, I will dedicate my time, energy, and determination to the future success of these animals; both now, and for all the years that I can.

Kevin Reid - Owner

Kevin Reid - Owner || ||

Kevin L. Reid and Kevin’s sons, Kyle and Cole Reid, are your hosts at Morani River Ranch. Kevin, a hunter and conservationist for most of his life, is dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and its habitat. He has hunted extensively across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Africa, working with many individuals and organizations to learn and teach the many benefits of wildlife preservation.

With his devotion to hunting and love for wildlife, Kevin has maintained a membership with many organizations such as the Safari Club International, Rotary Club International, North American Hunter’s Club, National Rifle Association, Registered Texas Whitetail Breeder, The Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, The Exotic Wildlife Association, Texas Deer Breeders Association, Texas Deer Breeders Co-Op, Texas Wildlife Assocation and The Grand Slam Club.

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