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Texas Whitetail Breeding

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Texas Whitetail Breeding

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White-tailed Deer Breeding

It was more than 12 years ago when we here at Morani River Ranch made the decision to raise our own white-tailed deer as replacements for the eliminated native stock. What started out as an effort to replenish our stock as well as to increase the genetics of our Morani deer quickly grew into a passion and love for what we consider to be one of the most incredible and unique animals in the world!
That passion and commitment led us to a partnership with one of the most respected white-tailed deer breeding programs in the nation: The Refuge.

Our program has expanded to house over 300 deer within an elaborate pen system and is attached to a breeding facility in which we are able to quickly, comfortably and safely work deer through for vaccinations, weaning and sorting, antler cutting, and, of course, our intense artificial insemination program. Mixing the monstrous, often 300+”, typical genetics from The Refuge with our home grown south Texas deer, we have successfully been able to breed deer that carry all the size and typical frame one looks for along with the resilience to environmental factors often seen in the south Texas area.

We sell, on a limited basis, fully DNA-certified semen straws as well as does, both open and bred. Both the straws and does contain the genetics of some of the top breeders and deer in the state of Texas. We have the deer to surpass all goals and to turn dreams into reality.


As mentioned above, Morani River Ranch began its breeding program in order to restock the native population of white-tailed deer on the ranch that, due to drought conditions and overgrazing by livestock, was almost decimated. However, what began as a practical solution to a wildlife restocking issue quickly turned into a passionate love affair with what we still consider one of the most unique and incredible animals on this planet.

Morani River Ranch has been a breeder in Texas since 2002. We focus on South Texas genetics with an emphasis on big frame, typical deer. Our earliest foundation stock came from world-class breeders such as Berry Whitetails, The Refuge, Cola Blanca Whitetails, The Perlitz Ranch, Kotzur, to name a few. Through several years of selectively breeding these lines, we have effectively created our own line of Morani Deer. These deer are tight line bred to top genetics, ready for the perfect outcross that could completely change a program. With our recent partnership with The Refuge, we are now able to mix our Morani deer, full of south Texas vigor and resilience to environmental factors found in south Texas, with the deer at The Refuge to create a unique blend of deep pedigrees, often 300+” on 300+” genetics.

Our world-class breeding facility and working pens allow for the most modern and sophisticated handling of our deer, plus the use of laparoscopic artificial insemination (A.I.), cervical A.I., in addition to a full range of other medical treatments. Hands-on access to our deer herd assures them the most humane and highest quality of care available in the industry.

We believe, as a permitted Texas white-tailed breeder, it is of utmost importance, as well as a privilege and responsibility, to interact with these animals on a daily basis. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of care and maintenance of our herd in order to keep them healthy and strong, while simultaneously keeping their natural instincts intact.

A.I. Sires

Along with our partners at The Refuge, Morani River Ranch has access to semen from the greatest bucks to ever exist in Texas. With our breeding facility, which is one of the most modern and sophisticated in the industry, we are able to work our deer and allow hands-on access in order to achieve a high-level of medical maintenance treatment as well as artificial insemination (A.I.) and cervical A.I. procedures.

Through these A.I. techniques, we have been able to successfully develop our foundation breeding stock into some of the largest typical-frame white-tailed deer in the state of Texas. Our A.I. foundation includes such deer as Bonafide, Big O, 2Wide, Heater, Voodoo, Hustler, Texas Sam, Berrylicious (Berry Whitetails), Leverage (the largest pure South Texas whitetail ever born in
Texas at 360” at 2yo), Ironwood, Bobby Beams (White Ghost Ranch), Monarch II (Robert Williams), and several Bambi lines from Robert Williams Ranch.

Being able to introduce our genetics from various programs that represent over 20 years of the most sophisticated and strong genetics in
Texas has allowed us to bring our herd to a much higher level. The results are in the pen and in the pasture.

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